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For an object moving at a constand speed, we calcularte its speed using...

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speed = distance ÷ time

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Any object with changing velocity is accelerating. We can out its acceleration using this equation...

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acceleration = change in velocity ÷ time

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The distance travelled on a velocity-time graph can be calculated by...

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calculating the area under the line

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The resulatant force can be calculated by...

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mass x acceleration

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Falling Objects

We can find the force of gravity (weight) on an object using...

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mass x gravitational field strength

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Working out

We use the following equation to calculate the work done by a force when it moves an object...

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work = force x distance moved

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Kinetic Energy

This can be calculated by...

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½ x mass x speed²

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The momentum of a moving object can be calculated by...

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momentum = mass x velocity

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Changing Momentum

In general, the force needed to cause a change of momentum is given by...

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force = change in momentum ÷ time

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Ammeters and Voltmeters

We define the resistance of an electrical component as...

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resistance (Ω)  = potential difference ÷ time

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Calculations of parallel circuits

We can calculate the current using this equation...

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current = potential difference ÷ resistance

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The amount of energy transformed in time can be found by...

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power = energy transferred ÷ time

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Power supplied

The power supplied to an object is calculated by...

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power supplied = current x potential difference

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Calculating Charge

The charge in coulombs (C) is calculated by...

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charge flow = current x time

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Energy and p.d.

The amount of energy transformed is...

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energy transformed = potential difference x charge flow

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