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Expanding Brackets

Do these sums, show your working:

  • 5(4+3n)+25
  • 7(2n+3k)+3(2n+12)
  • n(m+n)-3
  • q(y+c)
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Expanding brackets answers

  • 45+15n
  • 20n+21k+36
  • mn(squared)-3
  • qy+cq 
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Solving equations

Do these, show your working:

  • My mum is 25 years older than me and our total age is 37. How old are we?
  • I buy two plain chocolate bars, but one is £3.00 more! The total bill is £4.20, so how much are they?
  • I have two dogs, Scampi and Daisy. Scampi is 5 years older than Daisy. Their total age is 25, so how old they?
  • Mary and Marianne have blonde hair, Mary's hair is 13cm shorter than Marianne's, and their total hair length is 75cm. Give the length of both girls' hair.
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Solving equations answers

  • I am 6 and my mum is 31
  • The cheap coke is 60p and the expensive coke is £3.60
  • Daisy is 10yrs old and Scampi is 15yrs old
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