Different types of functional groups;

  • C=C - Ethene
  • R-Hal - Halogenalkane
  • R-OH - Alcohol
  • R-CHO - Aldehyde
  • R-C=O - Ketone
  • R-COOH - Carboylic Acid
  • R-CCOC - Ether

Functional Groups

•C=C - Ethene

•R-Hal - Halogenalkane

•R-OH - Alcohol

•R-CHO - Aldehyde

•R-C=O - Ketone

•R-COOH - Carboylic Acid

•R-CCOC - Ether

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Primary Alcohols always have two hydrogens coming off a carbon. When they are oxidised they form aldehydes but then can be oxidised again to form a carboxylic acid

Secondary Alcohols have 1 hygrogen coming off a carbon. Whent they get oxidised they form ketones however its hard to oxidise a ketone due to the C-C bond. 

Tertiary Alcohols has no hydrogens on the carbon to which the -OH group is attached too which makes them extrememly difficult to oxidise  This results in the tertairy alcohol being the less reactive(

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