aims of strange situation and results

notes on aims of strange situation, results and conclusions drawn

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method details

  • controlled observation
  • lasted 21 minutes
  • 8 stages
  • involved the use of 26 middle class american families
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To investigate:

  • attachment types between mother and baby
  • stranger anxiety
  • separation anxiety
  • renunion behaviour
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  • 66% type b- secure
  • 22% type a- insecure avoidant
  • 12% type c- insecure resistant
  • type a- not distressed when mum leaves and ignores her when she returns. Is happy around a stranger
  • type b- distressed when mum leaves and easily comforted by her on return. avoids stranger when alone but friendly when mum is present
  • type c- intensly distressed when mum leaves and resists contact when she returns. fearful of the stranger.
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  • some babies become distressed around strangers and some arn't bothered by them
  • children have different types of attachment
  • most children are securely attached, building healthy relationships
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