Aims of Punishment

Revision cards about the aims of punishment for RS exam-topic 4.

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To protect society from someone by stopping them from repeating their actions or to protect the criminal from themselves.

Example:Driving ban for a dangerous driver.

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To give a punishment thet fits the crime commited. 'An eye for an eye'.

Example: Life long sentence for murder.

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To put others off from commiting a crime because they don't want the punishment.

Example: A fine

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To help the offender to change so they don't want to commit more crimes . It aims to show them what they did wrong.

Example: Community service

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To allow the offender to 'pay' for what they have done and have their guilt wipped out so they can have a fresh start.

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To show people the law is being upheld so people respect it.

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Bible quotes

'Let justice roll on like a river, righteouness a never ending stream'

'Do not pay back evil with evil, but overcome evil with good'

'An eye for an eye'

'Love is kind'-forgivness

'Do not kill'

'Obey the state authority [law] because they have been put there by God'

' A muderer must be put to death. He cannot escape this penatly by payment of money'

'I belive in the forgivness of sins'

'Forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who tresspass against us'

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