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aims of core studies

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Loftus and Palmer



To study the effect of leading questions on memory

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To provide support for a cognitive explanation of autism by proving that adults with autism lack an advanced theory of mind

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To study language aquisition in two pygmy chimpanzees (Kanzi and Mulika) and two common chimpanzees (Sherman and Austin).

To describe the first time a non human species aquires a symbol without specific training towards that goal

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To investigate into the mechanisms of the social learning theory and to see if behaviour (aggression) learnt in one setting can be transmitted to a different setting.

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To test Freud's theory of the oedipus complex and to provide an explanation for how phobias develop

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Samuel and Bryant



To challenge Piaget's findings on conservation in children by altering the method he used.

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Dement and Kleitman



To determine the relationship between eye movement and dreaming

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To study the functions of the two separated and independent hemispheres in the brain

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To study the effects of extreme spatial navigational experience on the volume of the hippocampus

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Thigpen and Cleckley



To document a case study of an individual suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)

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To see if sane people can be misdiagnosed as insane. To test the validity of the DSM4

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To examine the factors and variables involved in cognition and the gambling process

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To study the variables which cause or inhibit helping behaviour

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Reicher and Haslam



To analyse the conditions which lead individuals to identify with their group and accept or challenge intergroup qualities

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To study the effects of the presence of an authority figure on obedience of the participants when asked to administer electric shocks.

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