Aims and Hypothesis

Aims, Research Hypothesis, Directional (one-tailed) hypothesis, Non-directional (two-tailed) hypothesis and null hypothesis.

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Aim(s), Research, Directional, Non-directional and

Aims - This is the thing that the researcher is trying to discover, find out or prove.

Research Hypothesis  - This is a predictive statement that the researcher expects to find, this can only be predicted after the aim has been discovered.

Directional (one-tailed) Hypothesis - This is when the hypothesis not only predicts that the IV will affect the DV, but it predicts what the effect will be meaning a specific idea of the affect the IV will have on the DV.

Non-directional Hypothesis - This means a vauge idea of the affect the IV will have on the DV.

Null Hypothesis - This predicts that there will be no differences between two conditions (IV will have no effect ont the DV.



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