Aids/HIV in Africa

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Background about Aids/HIV

  • Human immunodeficiency virus or acquired immunodeficiency virus
  • Takes 8-10 years to destroy immune system
  • Thought to be of started from a human biten by a monkey
  • Symptoms of HIV may not be spotted for years
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Causes of the Epidemic

  • rumours of cures can spread e.g. sleeping with a virgin
  • women forced to sleep with men
  • sex workers are used by many far and wide
  • poor hygine can cause spread through blood and equipment
  • men have many children
  • men refuse condoms
  • many keep it a secret
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Impacts on African Communities

  • 13 million AIDs orphans
  • strain on health services
  • young people relied upon to bring in income
  • due to poverty, people turn to prostitution
  • 2.4million Africans have died of AIDs
  • subsistence farmers cant feed themselves
  • cant afford medicine
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Strategies to Tackle the Epidemic

  • education on contraception
  • drug companies produce cheaper drugs
  • provide alternative to sex industry
  • reduce African debt
  • help set up businesses
  • United Nations fund £4.6billion towards it
  • longer children are in education the less likely they are to be infected
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