agriculture for GCSE A* standard

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the gowing of crops e.g wheat and barley

[case study: east anglia]

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the rearing of animals e.g sheep

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intensive farming

a farming system on small plots of land with high inputs and outputs per hectare.

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a farming system on large areas of land with low inputs and out puts per hectare.

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the sale of farm products for profit.

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farming for personal use of the products [none of the products are sold for profit]

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*an extensive farming methord

*where animals are moved arround to find the best grazing land

*commonly found in LEDC'S

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when they are permanently settled in one place

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factors effecting distribution

human phyical

*competition *relif

*labour *climate

*capital *soil type

*market *drainage


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case study (cereals in east anglia)

densly populated

flat relif................ good for crops and transport

warm summers..................... help the crops grow well

slight summer rainfalls....................... to irrigate the crops

fertile boulder clay soils........................ perfect for growing cereals

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case study (subsistance rice farming in south east

shifting cultivation> subsistance farming> clear 1 hectare of land> slash and burn>

fertile soil use to plant crops> leaching occurs as less soil protection>

harvesting takes away nutrients> after 5 years the tribe will move> high labour input>

50 years to recover> rainforest being destroyed so the tribes are revisiting areas before thay have recoverd permenantly damaging the rainforest

plantations :jengka triangle malaysia pahang



40500 of oil palm and rubber houses 9000 families

interfer with ecosystem and rainforest destroyed

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common agricultural policy [ covers countrys in the EU]

*to ensure a fair standard of living and stable income

*to ensure food saftey and quality for consumers

*develop alternative job and income for farmers

*conserve and protect natural environment

*make farming sustainable

*make EU self sufficent

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