"Agrarian" land reform in China

A short condensed summary of the "agrarian reform act" put foward by Mao in June 1950 to 1952.

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Agrarian reform condensed

  • June 1950  pro land reform act passed. Moderate as it allowed richer peasants to flourish, only attacking large landlords and those who exploit.
  • villagers did "struggle meetings" were rich landlords and village bullies were denounced and sometimes executed.
  • No laws in place to prevent this - led to village anarchy
  • Death toll almost 1 million

Consequences (1952):

  • 40% of land redistributed
  • Gained peasant support
  • Ruling elite out of the picture
  • Lessened inequality within village, but was no 100% egalitarian
  • Created tension between richer and poorer peasants.
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