AGK - Electrics 2

AGK - Electrics 2

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Busbars (bus)

  • Distribution point for electrical power
  • ***** of metal or heavy duty cable depending on type of load
  • On AC busbar, connection in parallel, isolation of individual equip DECREASES its consumption.

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Hot/Direct Bus, Wires, Cables

Hot/Direct Bus

Directly connected to battery

Vital aspects like emergency floor lighting


Single solid rod or filament of drawn metal enclosed in suitable insulating material & protective covering


Group of single solid wires stranded together for flexibility + protective covering

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Fuses & Circuit Breakers


  • Not resettable - must be replaced
  • Rating expressed in Amperes

Circuit Breakers

  • Can be reset manually after fault rectified
  • Thermal circuit breakers protect from overheating/overload
  • Can be used in both AC and DC circuits
  • Trip free circuit breakers will not allow contacts to be held closed while current fault still exists.
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  • Measured in Farads
  • Stores electricity
  • Acts like short term battery in a DC circuit
  • Capacitor in parallel with breaker points induces very high voltage across secondary windings
  • When the supply freq in circuit with capacitor increased, current in this circuit will increase.


  • 1/Ctotal = 1/C1 + 1/C2 + 1/C3 + ...


  • Ctotal = C1 + C2 + C3 +...
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Inductive/Capacitive Loads

Capacitive Load: Current Leads Voltage

Inductive Load: Current Lags Voltage

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Transforms AC voltage to higher or lower value

In transformer, power input = power output.

Voltage across each coil propertional to number of turns.

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Inverters & Switches

Inverter: DC to AC

Switches: control operating sequences of circuits

Relay switch: Electromagnetically operated switch

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