Agents of Social Control in the Construction of Crime and Deviance Studies

revsion cards for social control of crime and deviance studies

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Media and Policing


Moral Panics: Cohen (1972) mods and rockers study/incident.


Rusceh and Kircheimer (1939) agree with Marxist argument that law reflects the interests of the ruling class. Go further to argue that forms of punishment also reflect their interests,as interests change so do forms of punishments. They claim slavery was an early form of punishment because of the need for manual labour

Faucault (1977) claims punishment has changed over time being physical and public internalised and intense.

Scraton (1985) argues police can best be seen as an occupying force, imposed upon working class and ethnic minority communities

Lea and Young (1984) describe 'military style' policing which is characterised by the use of large numbers of police officers patrolling an area in vehicles using advanced technology.

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