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France's and the UK's solution

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France's Solution to an ageing population

France is encouraging people to have more children in order to make a more balanced dependency ratio.

Couples are given a range of incentives:

  • Three years of paid parental leave for either mother or fathers
  • If the parental leave is not wanted, there is day care subsided by the government 
  • Full-time schooling from the age of three, fully paid for by the government
  • The more children a woman has, the earlier she will be able to retire on full pension

Some women may not choose to retire early, as a pension is less than a salary.

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UK solutions to ageing population

Dealing with ageing:

  • The state pension age rose from 65 to 67
  • There has been money set aside for care of the elderly, such as
    -winter fuel allowance
    -free flu jabs for elderly

Dealing with low fertility rates: 

  • There are many pro natal policies which are designed to boost the fertility rate, including:
    - child benefits
    - improved maternity leave for women and men
  • There is unlimited immigration from the EU
  • There is controlled immigration from elsewhere 
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