Aftermath effects (secondary): OF EARTHQUAKE

Aftermath effects (secondary): OF EARTHQUAKE

Aftermath effects (secondary):
o People took to sleeping in the streets because their homes were destroyed or they feared remaining buildings
would collapse due to aftershocks
o Shortages of fuel and drinking water
o US authorities took control of the airport in an attempt to help aid get into the country
o Mass graves had to be dug due to the high number of bodies and potential for them to spread diseases if they were
not buried (bodies were brought to the graves in dumper
trucks, there were so many!)Foreign AID:
Much of the early work was done by Haitians and by teams from the
Dominican Republic, the first country to respond. Within 24 hours, a
medical team from Iceland had landed. A 50-person Chinese team
followed. Qatar and Israel sent teams to set up field hospitals. The
American Red Cross let people donate via text messages and set
records by raising US$ 7 million in 24 hours. UK also offered financial

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