After a Guilty Verdict - Treatment Programmes - Anger Management - Ireland (1)

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Treatment Programmes - Anger Management - Ireland

Anger is a strong emotion which many prisoners have difficulty controlling. They can control it using Anger Management programmes.  There are 2 types of aggression: Hostile = People are aggressive and they can't control their anger e.g. swearing at someone or punching someone because you can't control it (Verbal/Physical). Instrumental = People use aggressive tactics to get their own way. AM is used with hostile aggressive people as its the only one with anger associated with it e.g. people who commit assault might display hostile aggression and can't control it. To manage aggression, a cognitive-behavioural programme called CALM (Controlling anger and learning to manage it) is used. CALM is a 6 module course which are:

Mod 1&2 = Motivate prisoner to change their behaviour. Taught to identify psychological changes when they're angry and provide them with arousal management techniques.

Mod 3&4 = Facilitators highlight what causes their anger and aggression and learn how to fight their irrational thinking patterns. Learn skills to help them communicatr better with others and learn to take responsibility for their actions.

Mod 5&6 = Give a framework to apply skills learnt from others inc emotions e.g. jelaousy. Anything that causes them to be aggressive again they're taught how to prevent it.

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