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Depression/suicide risk in jail - Palmer and Conne

Aim: Compare depressive characteristics of prisoners who previously self-harmed with those who do not. 

Sample: Opportunity sample of adult males prisoners in England. 

24 previously self harmed

24 no previous self harm

Method: Self Report - Independent Measures

Procedure: Measured their characteristics using; Beck Hopelessness Scale; Beck Depression Inventory; Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation. 

Results: Mean score for the self harm group were higher on all measure than the control group. 

Analysed for variance showed a SIGNIFICANT difference between groups on each scale.

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Depression/suicide risk in jail - Palmer and Conne

Evaluation: Assessments were conducted on arrival and is seen to be the most stressful period and that individuals ho have conducted self-harm or attempted suicide were unable to cope with this initial stress.

If this is the case then it's not possible to distingiush between invidual and situational factors. 

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