Aeneas Quotes

Quotes from 'The Aeneid' covering Aeneas' qualities

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Aeneas' Anger/Furor

Book 2- 'Frenzy and anger drove me on, and suddenly it seemed a noble thing to die in arms'

'The passion flared in my heart and I longed in my anger to avenge my country'

Book 10- 'Burning with rage'

'In all his fury'

'Die now'

'Like a raging torrent of water or a storm of black cloud'

Book 12- 'He roused himself to savage slaughter and gave full reign to his anger'

'Burning with mad passion'

'Blazing with rage'

'Aeneas was hungry for battle'

'Like a hunting dog'

'Stones hurled by seige artillery never roar like this'

'Deadly in his armour'

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Aeneas' Duty

Book 2- 'I bowed down and took up my burden'

Book 4- 'Struggled to fight down the anguish in his heart'

'My first concern would be to tend the city of Troy'

'It is not of my own will that I search for Italy'

Book 6- 'If you are a man called by the fates it will come easily of its own accord'

'It was against my will that I left your shore'

Book 7- 'This Aeneas is the man the Fates demand'

Book 8- 'Aeneas lifted onto his shoulder the fame and fate of his descendants'

Book 10- 'Duty allowed no rest to the limbs of Aeneas'

Book 12- 'Father Aeneas, founder of the Roman race'

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Aeneas' Pietas + Family

Book 2- 'Three times I tried to put my arms around her neck. Three times her phantom melted in my arms'

Book 4- 'His hair stood on end and his voice stuck in his throat' (when Mercury comes to him)

Book 6- 'So spoke Aeneas, weeping' (for Palinurus)

'I pray to be allowed to go and look upon the face of my dear father'

'His cheeks were washed with tears' (for Anchises)

Book 12- He 'comforted the fears and anxieties of Iulus'

'From me my son, you can learn courage and hard toil... my hand will now defend you'

'He took Ascanius in an armed embrace and kissed him lightly through the helmet'

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