Advertising in the 1920's


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The economic boom gave people greater disposable income, big business responded by creating more consumer goods

In order to sell products companies had to advertise, thus it grew and changes to persuade people to buy their products

Total advertising volume grew from $200 million to nearly $3 billion

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Before television, radio was the king of the family entertainment market

In 1920, there were 60,000 radios by 1929 this rose to 10 million

Most people probably people bought their specific models due to promotions

Yet at the same time Radios and Cinemas became a platform for advertising, with 17,000 cinemas by 1929

50 million people listened to a famous fight between Tunney and Dempsey

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The Father of Advertising: Bruce Barton

Barton was the chairman of BBD&O, one of the largest advertising agencies

He was responsible for large growth in this industry, making him rich in the process

He was good at creating catchy and appealing slogans e.g. 'A man may be down, but he is never out' and 'for men who want to work less and earn more'

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Advertisers realised people were more likely to buy products used by or endorsed by celebrities

Movie and sport industries were blossoming, with recognisable stars everywhere

Red Rock Cola used baseball player Babe Ruth on their posters, quoting it was the finest cola he drunk

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