Coastal Management Strategies

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Advantages of Groynes

What do Groynes do?

  • They create wide beaches that...

                              ...Slow waves


What do the wide beaches that slow waves do?

  • They protect from erosion                                                
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Disadvantages of Groynes

Groynes make beaches narrower (??? :/)...

Why is this a bad thing?

  • Because narrow beaches do not protect coasts well 


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What are Gabions?

Gabions are...

  • Rock filled cages

Where are Gabions built?

  • Gabions are built at the foot of cliffs 


  • They are visually displeasing ----> ugly 
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Beach replenishment

What does beach replenishment do?

  • Creates wider beaches to slow... ( waves...


Taking material from the seabed can kill organisms 

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Economic reasons for protecting coastlines

  • Popular tourist destintions                 (

(flooding = loss of tourists)

  • Coastal flooding damages agricultural land          (

How does coastal flooding damage agricultural land?

...because high salt levels damage soil & reduces salt fertility    + fall in property prices

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Social reasons for protecting coastlines

  • Deaths caused by floods      (
  • Houses near cliffs ( could collapse into the sea 
  • Loss of jobs due to damaged equiptment/buildings 
  • Damage to roads near cliffs                           (
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Environmental reasons for protecting coastlines

Waters of high salt content        ( kill organisms ( in an


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What are Groynes?

What are Groynes?

  • Groynes are wooden fences 

What do Groynes do?

  • Groynes trap material transported by longshore drift 
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