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Advantages of Pressure Groups

  • Provide legislators and bureaucrats with useful information.
  • Act as a sounding board during policy formulation.
  • Provide order, priorities and aggregation in political debate.
  • Broaden opportunities for participation both during and between elections. 
  • Can increase levels of accountabliltiy for legislators and executive branch members.
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Advantages of Pressure Groups

  • Can increase levels of accountability for legislators and executive branch members.
  • Increase opportunities for representing minority interests.
  • Enhance freedom of speech and freedom of association - two basic democratic rights. 
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Disadvantages of Pressure Groups

  • Revolving-door syndrome.
  • Irion-triangle relationships. 
  • Inequality between groups leading to unfair representation of some views.
  • Concentration on 'special interest' at the expense of 'public interest'.
  • Over-influence of money.
  • Some methods used by pressure groups are undemocratic. 
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