Advantages and Disadvantages

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Time saving: Can be made overnight in emergency The Sudan (sanctions) (oversees territories)order 2014. SI: 3486 made in 2014.Used to update legislation such as The National Min Wage

Specialist knowelge: SI MP'S have expertise but they dont have the complex knowledge to create complex laws. By Laws: MP'S and their departments eg- Leeds City Council Busking

Effective control: JSC: Check if SI are problematic. Affirmative resolution so no problematic law comes into forCe

Democratic: OIC AND SI:Made by gov ministers who have been selected by the public. Labour Andy Burnham 2013 and Conservative Jeremy Hunt 2015

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Lack of publicity; DL isnt debated in Parliament. A controversial topic is put to media attention Immigration Act 2014 however the Civil Procedure (ammendment no 7) Rules 2014

Contradict the seperation of powers: DL allows an overlap. SI is made by gov ministers who should make policy not law.

No effective control: Negative, problematic law may come into force automatically. Need the funds, an interested party to come forward and for a problem to arise. Strickland v Hayes

Undemocratic: SI Most law is completed by unselected permant employed civil servants. They dont change in line with the party that has been elected

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