Business management and planning

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Routine Task

Routine Tasks:

Tasks that are done regularly:

eg: Doing tax returns and payments to the local government

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Non-routine tasks

Non-routine taks: 

They can cause problems in the business because of a lack of resources available to carry them out

eg: setting up a new branch of the business such as recruiting new staff

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Decision Makers

 Delegation - passing down authority to make decisions

eg: A manager may delegate to a supervisor and a supervisor may delegate to a worker. 

If the power to make decisions is delegated to someone, they can be overruled at a later date.

Advantage of delegation: It can motivate people as they feel more valued and important to the business

Disadvantage of delegation: Decision making can be reversed and people can be unsure who is able to make a particular decision

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The consequences of poor planning

Poor planning and poor decisions:

It can lead to wastage of time and resources and to business failure.

Planning needs to take place so there are no

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