addictive behaviour


stress (A01)

life experices make indivadial more vunerable 

self meddication for it

addiction associated with raised dopamine levels 

high strees also increase dopamine receptors in the VTA 

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stress (A02)

problem gamblers had unpleasant life experiences year before addiction started

1364 teen found significant correlation between high life stress and smoking

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peers A01

one of the strongest predictores of drug use during teens

SLT vicarious reinforment - young people likly to imitate behaviour of thoese who have most contact

social idenitiy theory- people identifiy themseleves as members of particular group so increas self esteem by the norms of the group

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peers (A02)

SLT- 6006 teens in usa longitudinal between 10 and 17 years

found peer smoking was most influntail on first trying smoking

SIT - people choses peers who have same attidues towards addictive behaviour rather then by peers

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Age (A01)

+ correlation between age and start addiction and likelihood of developing addiction

 teen who starts at early age higher risk of developing addition later

parents drug use have been linked to age of onset and frequceny of drug in teens 

parents with permissive attites to drugs more likly to have children who start 

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Age (A02)

longitudianl of 6000 teen

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