adapt and survive


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adapt and survive

organisms need a supply of materials to survive and repoduce. they get these from there surroundings and from other living organisms

plants need: light,carbon dioxide, water, oxygen and nutrients such as mineral ions from the soil

animals need food from other organisms, water and oxygen

some feautures of organisms are called adaptations 

adaptations allow organisums to survive in a particular habitat  (extreme condtions e.g. extremley hot,very saty or high pressure)

plants are adapted to obtain light in order to make food by photosynthesis

most organisms live in tempertures below 40degress so their enzymes work

Extremophiles are microorganisms which are adapted to live in condtions where enzymes wont usualy work because they would denature 

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Adaptation in animals

help them to survive in the conditions whre they normally live

animals in cold climates have thick fur and fat under the skin to keep them warm

bigger animals have a smaller surface area compared to their volume. this means that they can conserve energy more easily but it also more diffuclt to cool down 

coat colour may change in different seansoons giving year so they can camouflage 

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adaptions in plants

plants need to collect and conserve water 

they can loose water as water vapour through holes in the laves called STOMATA

Water cam be collected if the plant has an extensive root system

a plant might have swollen a stem to store water

in dry condtitons pants reduce the surface area of leaves and to hace tissuses which store water and extenise root systems

some plants have thorns,poisonous chemicals and warning colours to put plant eaters off

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competition in animals

animals are in competition with each other for water,food,space and breeding sites

an animals territory will be large enoguht to find water,food and have space for breeding

predotors compete with prey as they want to eat them

predators and prey may be camouflaged so there less easy to see

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competion in plants

Plants compete with each other for light,water and mineral ions from the soil

plants which grow deep roots can reach underground water better than those with shallow roots 

some plants spread their seeds over a wide area so that they do not compete with themselfs 

-some of the plants use animals to spread their fruits and seeds

-some plants use the wind or mimi-explosions to spread their seeds

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