Acts in Romeo and Juliet

Information on what occurs in each act in Romeo and Juliet


Act One

  • Fight between the Montagues and Capulets broken up by the Prince
  • Romeo tells Benvolio he is sad because he loves Rosaline and she doesn't care for him
  • Paris requests Juliet's hand in marriage
  • Romeo decides to go to the Capulet feast after seeing Roasline's name on the guest list
  • Juliet is told by Lady Capulet about Paris
  • Tybalt recognises Romeo and tries to fight him- but is restrained by Capulet
  • Romeo and Juliet meet and fall in love - but then realised they are from opposing families
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Act two

  • Benvolio and Mercutio look for Romeo
  • Romeo and Juliet meet and declare their love for one another
  • Juliet is afraid that her kinsmen will kill him
  • They exchange vows of love
  • Friar Lawrence agrees to marry them in the hope that it will end the feud
  • Tybalt challenges Romeo to a duel
  • Romeo tells the Nurse about the love - sends Juliet a ring
  • The lovers meet and marry at the Friar's cell
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Act 3

  • Tybalt, looking to kill Romeo, kills Mercutio instead
  • Romeo tries to intervene, kills Tybalt, and is banished from Verona
  • Friar Lawrence, the Nurse and Romeo plan his escape to Mantua
  • Capulet agrees that pari can marry Juliet to cheer her up
  • They plan the wedding for Thursday
  • Juliet refuses the marriage, her and Romeo say goodbye at dawn after spending the night together
  • Capulet threatens to disown Juliet and the Nurse lets her down by advising her to follow her father's wishes
  • Juliet feels her only escape is death
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Act 4

  • Paris tells Friar LAwrence that the wedding is now going to be on Thursday
  • Juliet pleads for help, claiming suicide rather than marriage
  • She is given a vial of liquor that will make her appear dead for 42 hours
  • She will awake in the Capulet vault where Romeo will be waiting for her
  • Juliet agrees to marry PAris and the wedding is moved to wednesday
  • Juliet takes the potion with a dagger by her side
  • The family mourn her "death" comfoted by a knowing Friar Lawrence
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Act 5

  • A letter for Friar :awrence didn't reach Romeo
  • Consequently, a depressed Romeo, thinking Juliet is dead, buys a poison from Verona
  • Friar Lawrence panics after discovering the letter hasn't been delivered
  • Romeo arrives at the tomb to find Paris guarding it
  • He kills Paris after he tries to defend Juliet's tomb, and lays Paris' body next to juliet's
  • Romeo takes the poison weeping over Juliet
  • Juliet awakes to find Romeo dying and kills herself with a dagger
  • The families discover the deaths and agree to end the feud - Lady montague is found dead after hearing of the death of Romeo
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