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Action plan for EPIP talk.

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Action Plan.


Major weakness i identified was the lack of power behind hit. From 6 week action plan i aim for performer to be able to hit the ball powerfully and acuratly 70% of the time.Action plan lasts 6 weeks.Train three times a week for an hour at a time.Each session has still development and conditioned game.


Preperation- 1)Hands at top of stick close together. 2)Feet shoulder width apart with firm stance. 3)Left shoulder point towards target.4)Head down focusing on ball.5)Kness should be bent slightly.

Execution- 1)Transfer body weight on to front foot.2)Keep head down and eye on ball.3)Bend right arm and keep left arm straight and strong.4)Align hands with wrists before making contact.5)Swing stick waist height back and make contact with base of ball with falt stick side.

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Action plan 2.

Recovery-1)Follow through weight from back leg to front leg.2)Knees remain relaxed and head down.3)Follow through stick to were you aim ball to have gone.4)Body should return to autonomous position after hitting ball.

Result-Was hit successful and where Stevie aimed for it to go? Knowledge or performance and Knowledge of results.

Overall effciency-Was the pass pleasing to the eye, smooth?Looked practiced?

Week 1&2! Low intensity, general skill practice. First practice-short sharp passing over 2 meters with another player,improving accuracy. 50 times.

Second practice-Long distance hitting.2 players.30 meters apart.50 times.

Third practice-dodge player and pass ball on.thee players 20 meters apart,defender in middle,approaches stevie forcing her to choose to pass at correct time. TEST-See how many accurate passes at begining ot 2 weeks, again in middle and again at end of two weeks.

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Action plan 3.

Week 3&4!- Turn static drills into moving drills.More like game situation.

First practice-Three players in a L shape.Stevie in middle.Recieveing from player on right, make a v drag and pass on to player on left side.Complete 15 times.Then switch way in which she recieves and passes ball.

Second practice-Switching ball from one side of pitch to other side.Powerful and accurate pass.Pressure from opposition.

TEST-in weeks 5 and 6 when practices' brought into game situation.

Week 5&6! Put skills in conditioned game.Games last roughly hald hour on half a pitch.Able to note how many times stevie can complete a accurate powerful hit under pressure.Should be able to see a big improvement.


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