Act 3 scene 1 Friendship

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point 1

Mucrtion angrily  draw sword and say Romeo not fight Tybalt he will

Clear that mucrtion procating  Romeo as Tybalt  is pervik Romeo


Link Relationships

Murction sticking up for Romeo good Relationships

Link context

Surprising meructiob work to protect this family. 

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Point 2

Romeo attempt restore  peace put  him self middle of fight

Clear that Romeo is being proactive  because he what further peace



Romeo dose not like family fuding this is why he what peace


People time fought for family name

But Romeo is not.


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point 3

Murction die cursing both Montage and Caplets

It is clear that Muertion is sick to death of the family fud  as it now killed him



Is first of the end when Romeo and Juliet die

Link to context

Is not surprising

 because Meruction died for his best friend

But surprising how he cursed both the Caplet(juuile family) and the monoges (romoe family)

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point 4

Tybalt Romeo fight

It is clear that Romeo is angry  and don’t like  Tybalt as he as just killed Mecution



If Romeo never killed Tybalt no vasiment

This meant Juliet never faxed death

Also link fate

Romeo would never not got letter telling him wanted happened so he would of never killed him self


Is not surprising because getting he is getting reanvege for the killing of his best friend.

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