Act 2 Scene 1

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What is the significance of the poem and telegram?

Significance of the poem:

Reinforces the theme of hate in the previous scene - Haig criticises human inclination to hatred, as it causes pain, terror, hatred, chaos and death. Trying to find solace in his own propaganda - 'The Beginnings'

Significance of the telegram:

The telegram symbolises fear, dread and death associated with war - Rudyard finally understands the true nature of war; shed the guise of gevernment, finally confronting true emotions. Signalling loss of life.

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How is pathos created?

How is pathos created?

The telegram acts as a symbol of inevitable death and loss of World War 1. Carrie is overcome with grief - "(a scream) No!" repetition of "Jack" and "My little child" - feels as is she has failed as a mother, having already lost one child

Rudyard begins to express true emotions - "no" repetition, "Do you really blame me for this?"

Anger of Carrie and Elsie - "(unable to resist) why did you push him?" and "(angry and upset)"

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What attitudes to war are presented by non-combata

Attitudes by non-combatants:

Rudyard - still tries to hide behind propaganda/denial - "They know what we are fighting for...if by any chance Jack is dead, it will have been the finest moment of his young life."

Carrie - begins to echo views of the modern audience - "he should never have gone, and you should never have bullied him" and "They hate you so much, they'll torture him"

Elsie - view of the modern audience - "Don't you realise he didn't give a damn about your cause?"

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