absorption of glucose

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Absorption of glucose

  • absorbed from the gut by coupled active transport.
  • the active transport protien is the sodium - pottasium ATPase.
  • the facilliated diffusion protien is the sodium - glucose co transporter portien.
  • the sodium ions are pumped out to restore the sodium gradient.
  • theres a high concentration of glucose inside the e.c
  • glucose enters the blood by diffusing through gaps between the capillary e.c.
  • glucose is carried in the blood to every cell, where it is used for respiration.

Lactose intolerance

  • digested into glucose and galactose.
  • symptoms are flatulance and diarrhoea.
  • happens because they dont have the lactase enzyme so cant digest lactose.
  • pressence of lactose lowers the w.p so water cannot be absorbed by osmosis.
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