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  “    "Dead Duck Day”

·         “People quite often thought Marcus was being funny when he wasn’t”

·         “…just wasn’t right for schools”

·         “Marcus and his mother were vegetarians”

·         “But this was the scariest thing he'd ever seen… he'd have to think about forever" – on Fiona’s suicide attempt

·         “He’ll be imprisoned for a crime he never committed” – Marcus on Dead Duck Day

·         Will on Marcus – “…kind of ironic that this strange and lonely child could make all these connections, and yet remain so unconnected himself”

·         “…two people wasn’t enough”

"I need a father" 

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Will Freeman


        “Wanting Rachael so much frightened Will”

          “How cool was Will Freeman?”

·         “He was one of life’s visitors, he didn’t want to be visited”

·         “You had to live in your own bubble”

·         Fiona’s suicide – “absorbed almost to the point of enjoyment”

·         “I’m a single father. I have a two year old boy”

·         “fell in love on New Year’s Eve”

·         “life without work and care and difficulty and detail”

"The most interesting thing about his life,...,was Marcus"

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·         “**** Marcus! I’d forgotten about it!”

·         Marcus – “She didn’t get this, any of it”

·         Will – “What planet did this woman live on?”

·         “…modern films were too commercial”

·         “closed her eyes when singing”

·         “Marcus is doing fine”

·         “we're not doing each other any good"

·         “Fiona had lost a big chunk of Marcus and got to stay away from the casualty ward”

·         “…laughed about killing herself”

·         “good at arguing”

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·         “Ellie was famous. She was always in trouble for something”

·         “How come every squitty little ****** snotty ******* knows my name?”

·         “You think I know things but I don’t”

·         “We’re adopting him Sir”

·         “If you’re being cheeky, you’ll get a slap”

·         “Why shouldn’t she kill herself, it’s her life”

·         “It had been fun sometimes – at school, where Ellie’s Ellieness could be contained. But out in the world it was no fun at all.”

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·         “…intelligent, cultured, ambitious, beautiful , witty…”

·         Will – “She could keep him afloat”

·         Will – “He couldn’t ever remember feeling so happy”

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Paul Dutton


A useful set of important quotes from the novel.



Thank you so much I've been looking for something like this for months 

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