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Quotes for About A Boy by Nick Hornby. WJEC English Lit. GCSE

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Marcus Quotes

“He’ll be imprisoned for a crime he never committed”- Marcus on dead duck day

“How come he’d managed to pick a duck that was so pathetic?”- Same as above

"He just wasn't right for schools. Not secondary schools, anyway"- Marcus on being bullied

"But this was the scariest thing he'd ever seen, by a million miles, and he knew the moment he walked in that it was something he'd have to think about forever"- Marcus on his Mum’s suicide

“He didn’t want to put up with thing as they were, but the other choice meant that he’d have to be his own mother, and how could you be your own mother when you were only twelve?”- Marcus on his mum's depression.

“He was having a **** time at school and a **** time at home, and as home and school was all there was to it, just about, that meant he was having a **** time all the time, apart from when he was asleep”- Marcus on his life

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Will Quotes

“The trendy bloke who’s trying to get off with Suzie”- Marcus on Will

"How cool was Will Freeman? This cool…"- Will being vain

"Filling days had never really been a problem for Will. He may not have been proud of his lifelong lack of achievement, but he was proud of his ability to stay afloat in the enormous ocean of time he had at his disposal; a less resourceful man, he felt, might have gone under and drowned"- Will on how he spends his time

“Having lied through his teeth for minutes or days or weeks, he was obliged to articulate the humiliating truth.”- Will reflecting on the fact that he is a rubbish liar.

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Fiona Quotes

“One morning his mother started crying, before breakfast”- Marcus on Fiona

“She was just too hippy”- Will on the way Fiona acts

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Lawyer.com :)


Really good quotes. Your the only person who has actually helped me with the novel 'About a boy'. Thank you very much :)

Lily Hathaway


Brilliant quotes, thank you!

Victoria Gourlay


I would also add in "He didn't cry, it was much too serious for that" on when Marcus discovers his mother committing suicide.

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