a watery world

notes on watery world

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managing water supply in HICS

to have a water efficient house

  • turn taps off when you are not using them
  • use a short flush toilet reducing water usage
  • use a shower instead of a bath
  • reusing water from domestic appliances by giving it to the garden.
  • instead of using sprinkler irrigation use drip irrigation as it gives water directly to the plant.
  • collect water to use in a water **** instead of using a hosepipe where you dont have a water limit.
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water management in LICS

tubeholes and boreholes

  • tubeholes are dug by hand.
  • they get into the aquifer/water table
  • cheap to make
  • pumped by hand
  • boreholes are pumped by diesel or electric pumps
  • gets into hard rock
  • little water is pumped

recycling water- the treatment of waste water to make it fit for human use.

  • recycled water can contain many nutrients.
  • gray water (commercial+industrial waste water) can be reused instead of being pumped into water
  • useful for irrigation and domestic use
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water management in LICS

rainwater harvesting

  • when you store water from the rain and use it again
  • harvest water for drinking, livestock, irrigation or to refill aquifers
  • in LICS, attach pipe to roof which will take water to storage tanks

advantages     disadvantages--doesnt work when there is no rain

  • emergency reserve                                       
  • local people can be trained to make one
  • running costs are low
  • construction not labour intensive

hand dug wells

  • shallow wells that are dug by hand
  • shallow wells dry out. cos they are too low.
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turkey, syria, and iraq

there are many rivers that flow through Turkey into Syria then to Iraq.

  • there are many dams in Turkey. This restricts the flow of water down to Syria, so there do not get as much water as they would like to be getting. This causes them conflicts with Turkey.
  • Syria also have their own dams with then restricts the flow of water to Iraq. Iraq get really poor quality of water and also a less amount of it.
  • therefore Iraq are in the worst position in terms of the best water

to solve this problem, dams should be removed so that all 3 countries get the best type of water.

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