A View From The Bridge Quotes


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" You want somethin' else, Eddie, and you can never have her"


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..." nowadays we settle for half"


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"he has been unconsioulsy twisting the newspaper into a tight roll"

...stage direction, Eddie

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" Marco nods at him dubiously"

...stage direction, marco

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"raised like a wepon over Eddie's head"

stage direction, Marco, Climax

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"You have no resource in the law, Eddie"


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"to eddie in deference: I-I'm tired"


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"im not gonna be a baby anymore"


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"stop that! have respect for her!"


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"Rodolpho nods at him testingly"

...stage direction

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"what're you scared of? he's a rat! he belongs in the sewar"


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"with fear going to Eddie"

Stage direction/Beatrice

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"I want  my respect"


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"animal! you go on your knees to me!"


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"wipin' the neighborhood with my name like a dirty rag! i want my name marco!"

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"who the hell do you think you are"


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"he isn't right!"

...Eddie about Rodolpho

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"no marco, please! Eddie please, he has children"


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"i guess i just never figured...that you would ever grow up."

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"as she strives to free himself he kisses her in the mouth"

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