A Midsummer Night's Dream Characters

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  • Is a young Athenian.
  • At the start of the play he feel in love with Hermia.
  • Threatens Helena very badly.
  • At the end of the play he love Helena because of the love juice.
  • Is Egeus's prefered.
  • At the end he married Helena.
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  • is a young Athenian, like Demetrius.
  • Hates Demetrius and challenges him to a duel.
  • Hermia feel in love with him.
  • He loves hermia
  • Egius did not let him to married his doughter.
  • at the middle of the play he feel in love with Helena by the love juice.
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  • The queen of the fairy world
  • Takes care of her mortal servants sonñ.
  • Wont give it to Oberon.
  • Oberon puts love juice in her eyes, she feel n love with bottom.
  • At the end she marry Oberon.
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  • Tell puck to put the love juice in Demetrius because he saw how he treats Helena.
  • The king of the fairy world.
  • Want the indian boy from titania.
  • Puts the love juice in titania so that she feels in love with Bottom.
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  • A young, Female Athenian.
  • The daughter of Egeus.
  • Want to marry Lysander.
  • Hates Demetrius.
  • Friend oh Helena.
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  • A young, Female Athenian.
  • extremently in love with Demetreus.
  • At the end she marry Demetrius because of the love juice.
  • Friend with Hermia.
  • Tell Demetrius that Hermia and Lysander are going to run away fron Athens.
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  • Is Oberon's jester.
  • Loves mischief.
  • Changes Bottom's head into an ***'s head.
  • Placed the love juice in lysander instead of Demetrius.
  • Is a fairy.
  • Use his magic to create confusion between lovers.
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  • Is an actor.
  • Is charimatic.
  • Part of the "Mechanicals" group.
  • Titania loved her because of the love juice.
  • Always use wrong words.
  • Head turned into an ***'s head by puck
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