"A dolls house" Quotes

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"my own little dolly baby" - childish shows she only plays with her children.

" none of you think i can handle anything... serious"- wants respect but acts like a child.

"i paid i got the money"- shows she is proud of her loan and of her lies.

"they're out with the nanny"- never looks after them quite selfish.

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"Nora: im your dolly wife"- torvald treat her like a toy or a child.

" Helmer: is that my little squirrel rustling?" - he is very pratronisng towards her.

"Helmer: I'm saved"- bad realtionship only cares for himself not Nora.

" A bell rings in the hall"- nora is not trusted with a key showing bad relationship.

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Key Scene- Torvald finds out the truth.

"Helmer: i should have expected it. i should have known - like father - sh! - like daughter" - finally saying how he really feels about her, showing he doesnt actually love her.

"Helmer: you've killed my happiness"- blaming everything on her .

"Helmer: I've forgiven you Nora"- only wants a marriage not a good relationship now that he knows he willl be fine shows he is selfish.

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" Nora: i cant bring them up. ive got someone else to bring up first - myself"- showing that she wants to change and go against gender roles.

" Nora: thats why im leaving you"- taking a satnd and making a change in her life.

"Nora : if we discovered some true relationship"- knows now they never loved each other.

" a door slams"- offically gone forever not coming back.

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