A christian place of worship

these cards are christian places of worship.

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A christian place of worship- church

A Christian place of worship is a Church. There are many different layouts to a church, but most of them include the items. For my exam i will need to know what each part is used for and why it is important to a Christian.


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What is it used for?

 The pulpit is a raised platform where the vicar/clergy may stand to preach his or her sermon.

Why is it important?

It is raised to make sure that everyone can see the person who is preaching. 

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What are they used for?

A pew is a long bench used for the church congregation to sit on. Pews are usually made from wood and arranged in rows facing the altar.  The slots behind each pew hold hymn books. 

Why are they important?

Pews first appeared at the end of the medieval period.  Before then, this area would have been an open space.

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What is it used for?

The font is a stone container that holds the water used by the vicar to baptise someone.

Why is it important?

A person becomes part of the church when they get baptised as it shows to others that they want to follow Jesus.  This is why the font is usually near the main entrance. It symbolises a person entering Christianity.


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What is it used for?

The Lectern is also known as the reading stand. Members of the congregation stand here to read passages from the Bible, lead the congregation in prayer and make announcements.

Why is it important?

Many lecterns are carved in the shape of an eagle to symbolise St Matthew. They also symbolise the good news travelling around the world.

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thank you! these are really good! :)

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