A2 Weather and Climate

A2 AQA Geography Unit 3 Weather and climate

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A2 Weather and Climate

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Tropical Revolving Storms

The Facts:

  • Must have wind speeds over 74mph
  • Form over warm oceans with a temperature of 27degrees C
  • As hot air rises it turns to vapour causing heat  so the air is forced upwards spiraling
  • Fuel = warm tropical oceans and seas
  • Movement can be predicted but not stopped
  • Can die off on colder water and on land
  • Form in 7 areas of the world
  • Requires a sustained heating over a wide area with sea level depths of over 50-70 meters
  • In order to move their must be a large moisture supply to provide latent heat released by condenstation
  • Has an eye of 30-50km in diameter with clear skies and high temperatures
  • Average life span is 7 to 14 days
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Hurricane in a MEDC - Katrina


  • 23rd August 2005
  • Source - Bahamas
  • Speed - 280km/h (max)

Social Effects:

  • Took weeks for water and power supplies to be restored
  • Thousands homeless
  • Water flood depths of 20 ft
  • Most valuable and vunurable saved first
  • Food and water supplies lacked
  • Road Destruction - Aid distribution problems
  • Dehydration

Economic Effects:

  • Looting from storm struck shops
  • Repair costs very high
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Hurricanne in a MEDC (cont.) - Katrina

Enviromental Effects:

  • 90% of housing destroyed in Mississippi
  • 80% of New Orleans underwater
  • Bridges, roads, railway lines destroyed
  • Holes formed in dams
  • Burst Leeves- Increased flooding

Political Effects:

  • Bush called for police to: 'Shoot to kill any looters'
  • New Orleans mayor ordered the complete evacuation of the town
  • People felt let down by the goverment
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Cyclone in a LEDC - Nargis (Burma/Mynamar)


  • 27th April 2008
  • Made landfall on May 2nd (on the Irraddy Delta)
  • Originally tracked to go over Bangladesh so farmers advised to speed up crop harvest.
  • Air pressure dropped to 962mb
  • 180mph winds

The Clean Up:

  • Lack of clean up by goverment
  • Refused international aid for first few eeks
  • Temporary shelters
  • Racial discrimination
  • 2 weeks after disaster 50 indian medical staff accepted in to help
  • =Forced relocation
  • Forced Labour
  • Army arrested some of those who tried to help others
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Cyclone in a LEDC - Nargis (Burma/Mynamar)


  • 600mm of rain
  • 146,000 dead or missing
  • 10mn USD of damage
  • Entire coast flooded (2 million live on land under 5 meters above sea level)
  • 10,000+ orphans
  • Some towns lost 90% of housing and 70% of population
  • Soil became to salty so rice crops failed
  • 2.5mn made homeless
  • Junta (army) refused aid
  • Only got aid 2 weeks later from selected countries only like India, Bangladesh etc
  • Population displeased with how the government dealt with the situation
  • Aid had only reached 25% of population 2 weeks after the storm
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