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Review cards for Ownership and Control

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Key Studies

Murdock & Golding [Pluralist] - Increase in digital technology has given consumers access to media from any culture. Audiences now choose what and when to access.

Curran & Seaton [Pluralist] Concentration of ownership is good as existing companies can provide audience with wider choice and affordable prices.

Bagdikian [Critique of Pluralism] Concentration of ownership puts forward conservative viewpoints, we have no real choice.

Marcuse [Marxist] - Mass media have 'dumbed down' the working class so that they have no real say on anything.

Milliband [Marxist] - The ruling class use the media to convince us the inequality of capitalism.

Gramsci [Marxist]- The domination of the media by the Elite has caused 'cultural hegemony' (dominance of ruling class ideas)

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Concentration of ownership

Horizontal Integration
Refers to the bigger media companies who own a diverse range of media.

Vertical Integration
Owning all stages in the production, distribution and consumption of a product (News Corporation -> Fox -> Sun)

Moving into new, unrelated areas of business.

Technological convergence
Combining diverse media forms (iPhone)

Selling a product through various forms (Spider-Man sells through film, magazines, toys..)

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Key Terms

Agenda setting controlling which issues come to public attention

cybermedia the internet and worldwide web

global conglomeration - trend for media corporations to have a presence in many countries

hegemony - the domination of the ruling class view becoming the consensus,

public service broadcasting - media outlets controlled by the state

investigative journalism - aims to expose the misdeeds of the powerful.

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very helpful in my A2 revision, you definitions were more helpful than ome i found in books

thanx cerys

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