A2 Sociology AQA Media Perspectives- Unit 3

A2 Sociology AQA Media Perspectives- Unit 3

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Liberal Pluralism

DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY- free competition in order to gain political power. Political freedom-free media.

AUDIENCE- determines output.

John Wales gives the example of The Sun changing from a middle class, intellectual broadsheet to a trashy tabloid.


It is free, there is choice.

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Liberal Paternalism

LIBERAL PLURALISM- principles still accepted BUT emphasis on need for QUALITY. Media should reflect high cultural goals, if necessary checks must be made on the general standards. It should be something we aspire to.

It should be high quality, designed to 'inform and entertain'. Example: the BBC is viewed as an ideal with shows like Blue Peter, The One Show, Mock The Week....

CONCERN OVER POOR JOURNALISTIC STANDARDS-cheque-book journalism, which intrudes into peoples lives is strongly disapproved of. Politicans threaten to legislate controls on the press.  

Such as selling stories; it's not quality, but it sells.

FEARS ABOUT THE INCREASE IN COMMERICAL BROADCASTING-  afraid that this will bring about a drop in standards, this lead to the 1988 Broadcasting Standards Authority. Conservatives aren't bothered about quality as it means more money for them.

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Free-Market Liberalism: The New Right

STRONG COMMITMENT TO THE FREE-MARKET- object to state interference i.e. the BBC. Powerful exponents include Rupbert Murdoch who is critical of intellectuals interfering with freedom of choice by imposing so called 'quality' media on the audience. He accuses the BBC of being 'dull', and obsessed by class and the past. John Birt, deputy director-general of the BBC, replied citing quality BBC documentaries and comedies as their defence, implying that Murdochs popularity was measured in sales the quality was poor.

NEW RIGHTS MEDIA POPULISM- criticised as it threatens media quality by appealing to the lowest (and most profitable) denominator. Concern with journalistic and moral standards.

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