A2 Criminal Law - Key Legal Terms [amazing for revision]

These card are short and easy to learn to remember key words. Its basically a short glossary or collection of important vocab used in criminal law during the second year.

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A2 Criminal Law - Key Legal Terms [amazing for rev

Malice Aforethought - the intention to kill or harm, which is held to distinguish unlawful killing from murder.

Negligence - Occurs when someone injures or causes a loss to another because of their careless or reckless behaviour aswell as breaching their duty of care. 

Mens Rea - the mental element of a crime.

Actus Reas - the physical element of a crime.

Corporate Manslaughter - enables a corporation to be punished and censured for culpable conduct that leads to aperson's death. Also shows a failure of management.

Provocation - action or speech held to be likely to promptphysical retaliation.

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Omission - failure to perform an act agreed upon.

Reckless - a legal term describing a person's state of mind when allegedly committing a crimnal offence.

Involuntary Manslaughter - this arises where the accused did not intend to cause death or serious injury but caused death through recklessness or criminal negligence.

Diminshed Responsibility - a potential defence by excuse by which defendants argue that although they broke the law,  should not be held fully criminally liable for doing so as their mental functions where 'diminished' or impaired.

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