A2 Biology Past Paper Topics.

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Breakdown of 'January 2010 Unit 4' paper.

 Q1)   Adaptations of animals in different conditions.  Relationship between facts in a table. Natural selection. Climate change and the impact upon different species. Types of natural selection. Describing data from a graph.

 Q2)   Bacteria and decompostion. Calculation of rate of growth from a graph. Impact of carbon dioxide on plants. Investigating populations in field situations.

 Q3)   Defining terms from Ecology. Human populations, life expectency in MEDC's. Evalutation population curves.

 Q4)   Using Quadrats. Managing wildlife conservation. Evaluating information from a table to support own conclusion. 

 Q5)   Aerobic Respiration. Impact of temperature on production of CO2 in anaerobic conditions. Anaerobic process in plants.   

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Breakdown of 'January 2010 Unit 4' paper.

 Q6)   Stages of Succession. Why some species are more suitable for succession.

 Q7)   Investigating species techniques. Random Sampling purpose. Importance of repeating experiments. Advantages of a scatter diagram. Advantages and Disadvantages of investigative technique. Why statistical tests are necessary. Using evidence from a graph.

 Q8)   How ATP is generated in the light dependent reaction in photosynthesis.  How energy is transferred through an ecosystem.  How intensive rearing of livestock increases productivity.

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Breakdown of 'January 2011 Unit 4' paper.

Q1)    Defining ecological terms. Formula's showing the factors affecting human populations. Suggesting reasons for changes to life expectancy. Calculating the population size.

Q2)    Defining genetic terms. Using evidence from a diagram to show dominant genes. Hardy-Weinberg equation. How Enzymes are inhibited. Application questions on Nitrogren cycle.

Q4)   Effect of predation using evidence from a bar chart.

Q5)   Factors that limited photosynthesis using a graph. Use the graph to explain answer. Calculate the gross rate of photosynthesis. Explain how changes to temperature and light availability affects growth of plants.

Q6)   Application question on Aerobic respiration. Suggesting what measurements a student should have used. Impact of inhibitors on the ETC.

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Breakdown of 'January 2011 Unit 4' paper.

Q7)    Benefits of intensive rearing to farmers. Explaining why conditons are controlled in intensive rearing. Suggesting a null hypothesis. Impact of cattle on global warming.  Using evidence from a graph. Impact of Anaerobic respiration of microorganisms.

Q8)   Describing and explaining how succession occurs. Describing the advantages and disadvantages of using biological agents to control pests. How species have evolved through speciation.

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