A2 ICT - Topic 3: Human-computer Interface

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Factors to think about when Designing a Good UI

Consistency of Signposting and pop-up Information

- Next and previous buttons, pop-up menus, icons, etc. should all look the same from screen to screen and in the same position

On-screen Help

- Help screens should explain things in the simplest of terms and using examples does this the best

- Software should recognise and anticipate the users' goals and give assistance to make the task easier -> Microsoft use wizards (complete task quicker)

Layout Appropriate to Task

- Interface teaching children to spell should have minimal text, bright colours, be uncluttered, have minimal keyboard use and use speech synthesis so they can hear words

Interface for CAD should be customisable, minimise mouse movements, use large screens and allow other input devices to be used

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Factors to Consider Continued...

Differentiation in User Expertise

- There are three types of user; the novices, the experienced and the experts

- Provide short cuts for experts and an increased number of ways of how to perform the same task

Use by Disabled People

- Users with a sensory impairment -> User may not be able to read letters on the screen properly so use a font which is legible and at a good size

- If a person is blind then a talking computer can be used to speak words when they are typed -> There are also special Braille keyboards and they can use Braille printers to create printouts with raised dots

- People who are unable to write can use voice-activated systems to put data into the computer

Ways in which the Accessibility of a Website or other ICT Systems can be Improved

- A website can explain difficult words or phrases in a glossary, give different languages, read out aloud text, allow the text size to be changed and allow the user to change the colour of the text and background

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