7.3.b Diabetes in the USA

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Causes of diabetes in the USA

  • Obesity - 87.5% of those with type 2 are overweight or obese
  • Lack of exercise - 40% do less than 10 minutes per day
  • Smoking - 30-40% more likely than non-smokers, increases with the number per day
  • Ethnicity and race - 15.1% of American Indians, 7.4% of White
  • Education - 2.6% of those with qualifications lower than high school, 7.2% of those with qualifications above high school level
  • Poverty - 18.5% of those earning less than $18,000
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Impacts of diabetes in the USA

Economic impacts

  • $245 billion costs to the US economy
  • $176 billion of this is direct medical costs such as medicine and amputations
  • $69 billion of this is in reduced productivity by people missing work
  • Economic costs of diabetes have risen 26% in the last 5 years

Social impacts

  • Can reduce life expectancy by 10 years
  • 230 amputations per day
  • Twice as likely to have a stroke
  • Stigma - fat, lazy, poor
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Direct strategies to mitigate against Diabetes

California sugar tax

  • 1% per ounce of soda was introduced in 2018
  • Consumption dropped significantly
  • 3 years later - 52% fewer servings of sugary drinks
  • Water consumption rose by 29%
  • Healthier habits, however, shops lost money - negative economic impact

Y-USA's Diabetes Prevention Program

  • More preventative than reactive
  • Expanded into the Medicare program
  • Delivered to 8,000 people who were at risk of developing diabetes
  • Not many people impacted compared to the sugar tax
  • Provides jobs, free for public
  • Impacted those who needed it most compared to healthy people impacted by the sugar tax
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Indirect strategies to mitigate against Diabetes

National Prediabetes Awareness Campaign

  • 1 in 3 Americans have prediabetes with 90% not knowing it
  • 2 million realised they were at risk through this campaign
  • 1-minute fun videos where you would find out how at-risk you were
  • Viewers encouraged to speak to their doctors if they had a high score
  • Millions watched it and it is free and quick
  • However many might not take the information in and just watch the animals instead

Eat Smart, Move More South Carolina (ESMMSC)

  • Non-profit organisation
  • Promotes healthier eating and encourages more exercise
  • Especially for youth at risk
  • All about making the healthy choice
  • Want to change the landscape and environment making it easier to make healthier choices whether in exercise or in food
  • Only in South Carolina - no widespread impact
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