69BC Cicero's Aedileship

Cicero's aedileship and events in Rome during 69BC

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Elections took place the month before the Trial of Verres, however the job wouldn't start until 69BC.

Verres had tried to sabotage Cicero's chances of election to the aedileship. If Cicero was aedile he would hold more power in Rome and be a bigger threat to Verres.

Cicero was top of the polls and most popular candidate that year. He did this without bribery or threats.

Aediles were responsable for: maintaining streets and public places; organised games; control of market grain supplies - everything that was important to Plebs and Equites.

Being aedile could be costly, however he had the dowery from Terentia and her money.

Year passed smoothly, provided games and kept cost of living low - helped by Sicilians.

After aedile because of Sulla's Reforms he would have to wait two years before he could legally run for praetor. During this time he concentrated on defending senators, equestrians and men from lower classes in both Rome and Italy.

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