6.4.c Bangladesh

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Impacts of climate change

  • Most of the country is low and flat
  • Average elevation is 4-5 metres, 10% is 1m above sea level - forced to abandon homes
  • High exposure to floods and storms - 70% of the country is flooded every year
  • 60% of deaths to tropical cyclones have been in Bangladesh
  • Rising sea levels will contaminate groundwater - By 2100, 600,000 hectares of agricultural land will be too slaty for agriculture
  • Coastal mangroveforests are depleting due to rising sea levels and human activity so there is less protection against storms
  • Those in danger are in poverty and find it harder to adapt
  • 60 million in Bangladesh are living in poverty
  • Frequent flooding causes sanitation issues
  • Flooding creates breeding sites for parasites such as mosquitos which can spread many diseases such as malaria
  • GDP - $2364
  • HDI - 142/187
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Mitigation and adaptation

  • Exclusively focused on adaptation
  • Bangladesh think that reduction in GHG emissions is the responsibility of the developed world
  • For Bangladesh, adapting to the situation is more important
  • 2009 - published strategy for action against climate change
  • Investment in engineering projects and community projects
  • There is a lack of financial resources - a trust fund has been set up
  • $2 billion has been spent on a flood embankment project which will strengthen the 3,500km of dykes along the coastline which protect against erosion - financed from world bank loan
  • Warning systems have been upgraded
  • Cyclone and flood shelters have been created
  • Need to protect the mangrove forests against clearing for catching shrimp
  • Farmers are using drip-irrigation to conserve water along with rainwater harvesting and building storage reservoirs
  • Floating vegetable gardens are a solution at a low-cost
  • Houses are being rased onto platforms
  • Refugees built on platforms to protect livestock
  • New GM crops developed by ACs
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