5th Century Red Figure Vases


Name Vase - Niobid Painter


Calyx krater

Depicts Apollo and Artemis killing all of Niobid's 14 children

Artemis has very detailed drapery - Catanaries and free flute-like folds

Apollo has very detailed musculature, however quite passive, little stress shown. - Mistake or because he is god?

The two figures at the bottom of the vase have they're eyes shut as if they are dying

Although the scene is chaotic all the figures seem relaxed

Use of levels, Apollo and Artemis are higher than the two dying people 

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Orpheus Amongst the Thracians - Orpheus Painter



Shows Orpheus playing the kithora and singing for the Thracians

Some seem reluctantly listening whilst others ignore it

All the figures have thick eyebrows greater depicting emotion

All eyes in profile, very well observed

The rock Orpheus sits on is very detailed with losts of carefully painted lines

The repetitive lined pattern on the neck guides the viewer to look down at the frieze

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Polyneikes and Eriphyle - Chicago Painter



Depicts Polyneikes trying to tempy Eriphyle with a necklace so her husband will go to war. It is prophisised he''ll die if he goes to fight

The painter makes it clear it is a temptation. P leans in and dangles the necklace infront of E

She is clearly attracted to the offer she looks directly at it

Contrast, E leans away but gazes at the necklace with an outstretched arm

Comment on women?

Bordered with lotus bands. Flamingo serves the purpose of filling the space

Excellent storytelling by the Chicago Painter

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Perseus and Medusa - Pan Painter



3 figure composition

Great sense of movement - Perseus begins to run as he strikes off medusa's head. Medusa falls, shes obviously dead. Athene is in persuit of Perseus

Medusa falls gracefully

Athena holds up her skirt to run, contrasts the enevitable chaos caused by the scene

Medusa not depicted as a monster

Illusionary transparency - Athena's leg can be seen through drapery

Perseus' clothes have motion lines and show how he is moving quickly in the scene

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Boreas Pursuing the Oreithyia - Pan Painter



3 figure composition

The pursuit does not seem hastened from the god of wind. Trying to catch, not capture

Father of Oreithyia is visible, grieving incosolably over the situation

Good depiction of emotion

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Heracles and Dioskouroi - Meidias Painter


Hydria (signed on the shoulder)

Applies two friezes to the different levels of the hydria (similar to the archaic friezes)

Many of the figures have a three-quarter view of their faces, more realistic than full frontal or profile

Drapery is very intricate have many motion lines to depict movement

Use of catanaries and illusionary transparency

Second frieze depicts Apples of Hersperidies

Two friezes seperated by a band in the centre of the body

No composition, cluttered, moreso with Dioskouroi frieze

Peaceful treatment of violent subjects

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Orpheus and Elpenor - Lykayon Painter



Scene from the Odyssey where Odysseus goes to visit Elpenor in the underworld

Grieving the loss of Elpenor (who fell off a roof, ******* idiot) (probs Odysseus' fault)

Elpenor is appearing out of the underworld in 3/4 view

Odysseus in the centre, profile

Hermes stands profile along side

Thinly indicated rocky landscape, hard to see on black background, looks as it Odysseus is floating

Lack of clarity in the scene

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