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Dystopian Settings In Part 1

"Big Brother Is Watching You" This is showing that the people there have not privacy. He is a reassurance to most people- the name suggests ability to protect; however he can appear an open threat (one cannot escape his gaze.

The telescreens The constent watching shows that the people have no privacy. The people are constantly subjected to constant propaganda. The telescreens symbolise how totalitarian government abuses technology for its own ends instead of exploiting its knowledge to improve covilization.

"War is peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength" "War is peace" symbolises you could say that people are so used to being at war that it is peace to them. "Freedom is slavery" shows that if you are free then you will get caught up in rebellion. "Ignorance is strength" because in that society by not knowing/ not caring you are at an advantage.  

The destroying of documents/chaniging of documentsThis is an element of a dystopian society because nothing can be classed as 'true/real' in the society.

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