3.1.5: Scientific explanations of the world&Agnosticism&Atheism.

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Main points:

- Matter is eternal.

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Main points:

- About 15million million years ago, the matter of the universe exploded. This is known as the Big Bang Theory.

- The red shift in light from other galaxies is eveidence that the universe is stil expanding.

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Main points:

as the matter of the univers flew away from the explosion, it formed stars&then our solar system.

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Main points:

- the gases on the Earth's surfae produced primitive life.

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Main points:

- the genetic structure of these primitive life-forms led to the evolution of new-life forms.

- about 2.5 million years ago humans evolved.

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Main points:

- if science can explain the universe&humans without God it can lead to some people becoming agnostic as they no longer need God to explain why we are here.

- other people may become atheists because they believe that if God existed, he must have made the world&be the only explanation for it. so the way tht science can explain the world&humans without God is proof to such people that God does not exist.

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