3.14 Solicitors and barristers

Solicitors and barristers

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Qualifications and roles of a Solicitor

Goverened by the law Society

1 year LPC

2 year training contract

Can form partnerships

Tradtionally direct relationship with clients

Generally officework 

Can become a Solicitor Advocate

Found throughout the country

Need a law degree or other degree (and a complete CPE/GDL)

Can become a QC/Judge

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Qualifications and roles of a Barrister

Governed by the bar Council 

1 year BVC

Sel employed

Traditionally no direct contact with clients

Generally advocate work 


70% based in London

Need a law degree or other degree (and then complete CPE/GDL

Can become QC/Judge

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What is the argument over why Solicitors and Barri

Instead of initially consulting a solcitor who will prepare a case and then pass the file on to the Barrister who will argue the case in court, a person (lawyer) can be simply gired to do both roles (Or the whole process)

Name some arguments for fusion: Cheaper, quciker, easier...
Name some arguemnts against fusion: Complicated, too much burden, Bias?

Who made reccomendations over the issue? 

Sir David Clementi in his review in 2004

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What Act did the Clementi Report in 2004 bring abo

Legal Services Act 2007

Name some changes implemented under the LSA 2007... 

  • Overall indepedent regulator of the legal proffession -
    Legal Services Board
  • System of complaints agianst Barristers and Solicitors changed
    Legal Complaints Service and Proffesional Conduct and Complaints Committee -
    REPLACED by Legal Ombudsman:
    Return documents
    Put things right
    Pay back
    Sue - CASE EXAMPLE: Hedley Bryne v Heller - Sued Solicitor for negligence

  • Alternative Business Structures
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