• The way everything seems to have a cause makes people think the universe must have a cause.
  • The only possible cause of the universe is God.
  • So God must exist.

Possible quotes

- Science (Big Bang )

- Bible (creation)

- CCC (God is omnipotent)

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  • Science says that matter is eternaland that the universe began when this matter exploded.
  • The solar system came out of this explosion.
  • The nature of the Earth allowed life to develop through evolution.

Possible quotes

- Big Bang theory.

- Red shift, shows expanding galaxy.

- evolution.

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  • Many Catholics accept the scientific explanations but they believe they show that God created the universe through the Big Bang.
  • Some Catholics believe that both science and the Bible are true because one of God's days could be millions of years.

Possible quotes

- Big Bang

- Bible (creation)

- CCC (omnipotent) 

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  • If people do not feel God's presence when they pray, or if people pray for good things, but their prayers are not answered, they may start to doubt God's existence.
  • If God does not answer prayers, how do we know he exists?

Possible quotes

- praying for the end of suffering

- praying for the sick

- praying for a loved one

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